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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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surgery? she didn't like the answer she got so at the age of 8 she started charity to provide young people with this surgery. via this time she was still cheap provided 20,000 surgery's and works with the jefferson award foundation to provide thousands more. it is an amazing thing to see the impact of charities like this. have a great day. liz claman will take you into the close. liz: congratulations to all the children that are benefiting, stocks indeed step pitched battle at this hour between super mario and black and gold. dow jones industrial average off the lows down 52 points after european central bank's mario draghi thrilled the markets by announcing billions in stimulus but an opec crude the punch bowl away. energy is a hot topic in the markets but also at the white house as president obama posts the canadian prime minister at of the state's dinner.
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the president's assessment of the 2016 race for the white house is getting the most attention at this hour. president obama calling the republican race for the white house a crack up and refusing to take responsibility for the rise of republican front runner donald trump who has turned voter anger into his best propellent on the campaign trail with the president's comments could come up tonight in the twelfth gop debate, the four remaining candidates will take a final walk-through and make last-minute adjustments this hour. they spent the last 24 hours trying to define their positions on all sorts of issues ahead of the crucial primaries in florida and ohio. in florida donald trump leading marco rubio by 20 points in the latest fox news poll. leslie marco rubio said he regretted his personal attacks on from. ted cruz is getting his first senate endorsement ahead of supertuesday 2.0. here is a live picture of the spin room right before the
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debate tonight. ted cruz is in there walking around, taking a look at all of the scenery here and this just breaking, senator mike lee is expected to throw his support baja and texas senator any minute now. we will get it to you the minute that happens. could john kasich crush it. ohio governor john kasich with the lead at this hour, many say he needs a victory there in order to remain relevant. free but fair trade becoming a campaign catchword, part bernie sanders to the win in michigan. he is expected on stage in florida. that is the live picture that is supposed to happen any minute now. two former governors from trade and the states with us live, greta address of california, what is this anti free trade going to do to barista, less than an hour until the closing bell, let's go to count down.
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>> take a look at this screen. we have 50 minutes left to trade and you have to jump into the middle of a major market tug-of-war to get in and the action. the dow down 66 points has swung as much as 300 points from high to low and trying to climb up. looks like supermario is no match for opec's total inability to reach an agreement on just about anything regarding oil. u.s. market started the session with a spike after european central bank chief mario draghi announced $20 billion in new stimulus for the flagging euros the making it the billion dollars to float the weak economy. then he brought out the garden shears, topping reads. the most notable he cut the main deposit rate which was negative
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3% to negative 4% 3 interest rates remain at or below current levels until march of 2017. another full year. the fuhrer did not create as he wanted. what you see at $1.11, initially the euro briefly fell to $1.08 spiking 3% so sec ready now the euro is stronger against the dollar but not what he wanted. he wanted the euro weaker so it would be helpful to business but if you wonder why the market spiked and reversed opec and oil once again to blame is the cartel in russia unlikely to meet to discuss and out but freeze march 20th because iran has not had the meeting to its output calendar, too busy, they will not commit to participate so oil, take a look, $37 in the $0.03 down, 1-1/4%, just a penny above that actually flat. losers in the energy sector,
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marathon moving lower. to the campaign trail where it appears donald trump is forcing a shift of at least one longtime tectonics play of the republican party and is free trade. he is calling for what some are calling onerous tariffs. the billion business and argues free trade must be fair so that america does not lose companies and jobs. canada for those who don't know is our biggest and friendliest trading partner, donald trump is focused mostly on china and mexico saying they got a great deal of of the u.s.'s backbiting turned the u.s. moves its plants and factories to cheap overseas later. how would this tariff affect states that conduct international trade. california, just a huge state reports, brings in 400 he billion dollars worth of goods representing 20% of all imports in the u.s.. look at virginia, norfolk brought in $25 billion worth of goods. let's bring in two men who have
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run those states, george allen and democratic governor from california grays gave this. great to have you both. president obama saying the gop right now is a crack that situation, the can't agree. they have a fax and pushing against another faction and an outraged is a big part of this because donald trump is shifting that discussion, spent a long time, important moment for republicans, free trade. who is to blame for all that is going on in the gop? >> one thing that will unite the republicans and many independents is their opposition to president obama's policies, most people do care about jobs and the economy and national security. i spoke with marco rubio because he has the best ideas to make the country more competitive and safe, but president obama's policies, look at his own democratic party's cabinets, they are against trade as well.
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trade for virginia is a net plus because of ports and we export a lot of coal and forestry and agriculture. liz: what about tariffs like donald trump wants to do? >> that would be harmful. there are people in virginia that were manufacturing areas, particularly textiles that lost jobs, thousands of rooms so there's a-to 38 ended is important to help out those folks who need work force transition assistance when international trade agreements, we need to enforce those because countries like china and others will cheat on semiconductor chips or other things. >> let me get to agree she davis, the massive port of business in california. we saw our hurtful it beach when our support strike. long beach, calif. what would slapping majored tariffs on china, just to make it fair, donald trump says did to the
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state of california's, is an economy? >> very complicated relationship with china and mexico and other trading partners but as george allen said there are other issues at stake beside the jobs the ports provide. there are a lot of americans just falling behind, they add static or declining wages and that is why you see hillary clinton and bernie sanders talking about dealing with income inequality, making college more affordable, trying to get everyone health insurance, lifting wages, rising wages for all wage earners. that is what is driving the election on the democratic side and i think in terms of speaking to that as well. >> let's take a look at the dot tonight for the gop and runout ted cruz, the senator from texas is walking around and he has just gotten senator mike be to endorse him so you can see the crowd is certainly jacked up because there is a lot of development going on. do parties need to refashion the old colors such as free trade?
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we are going to listen to mike lee for a quick second. >> i am here to announce my endorsement of ted cruz in his candidacy for president of the united states. i have decided to endorse him for a number of reasons, but all it boils down to one basic thing. we have reached the point when we need to unite behind a single candidate. in the republican party, unity is more important than ever before and i believe we have are rare opportunity right now. i believe it is more possible than ever before in this race. we need to unite behind ted cruz. ted cruz is a good friend of mine and we work together a lot in the senate. i consider him a close personal friend in addition to being a professional allied. one thing that is significant about friends regardless of what other characteristics they may
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have, a good friend instead two things, tens to tell you the truth and a good friend does what he says he is going to do. ted possesses both of those characteristics to a very significant degree. remarkable degree in fact. that is why i am privileged to call him my friend. is a friend not just to meet but to the american people. he is a friend to the people he represents in the state of texas. when ted ben curtis senate in 2012 in aids and promises to the people of texas, he promised he would stand up for them. he promised he would stand-up for growing of rebelling federal government, that texas too much and regulates us too oppressively, knows no bounds. promised he would fight against obamacare. >> mike we giving ted cruz his first senate endorsement, the republican from utah, governor allen saying don't doubt the your favorite candidate, marco
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rubio and coalesce bob heintz ted cruz. what do you say to that? this growing, i guess, drive for senator marco rubio to back away said ted cruz conseco donald trump, is that fair? >> nothing is fair in politics or war. i am for marco rubio because i look at his ideas and issues and i hope this debate tonight which is really crucial, especially for the other side, voters in florida, the crucial battleground state, those who don't like donald trump want to stop him. any vote for other than marco rubio in florida is a vote for donald from. senator lee will be very influential, particularly in you saw but i think in florida, marco rubio, i hope the debate is run the way the fox business debate have been which is focus on issues and ideas to make the country more competitive, tax
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reform, regulatory reform, productive energy policy, national security issues, that is what people care about, not food fights. liz: governor davis in california, you back hillary clinton. you are looking from a segment of this is interesting, bernie sanders won the state of michigan which is as good as since the state to represent much of the united states and that freed issue spoke loudly, bernie sanders is about to speak as well, have a message people in michigan wanted to hear. >> there's no question you have to tip your hat to bernie, someone mentioned on that night alone hillary got more delegates because she won mississippi with 83% of the vote so net net she came out with 20 more delegates. this is not a sprint, this is a lot marathon. she actually has more delegates to a that obama had in 2008 against hillary. when you only have proportional
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states to deal with on the democratic side it is hard to make the gap hillary has that she is taking nothing for granted, she has to earn it, she will win some elections and bernie will wins elections in she will be the nominee at the end of the day. and one more point. i hope this is a more substantive debate than fox business had a great debate and we can only talk about the size of people at hand for so long, we have to get back to what americans really care about. >> we were proud of what we did not want the two debates at fox business and that is why i am glad you are here. we stick to the business issues and that truly does matter but governor allen, speaking of business, to have seen the news conference with donald trump whipping out his raw steaks and putting out from water to prove that he has viable businesses, actually speaks to some people who want to see job creation and when he says i'm the only one
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who created jobs, you have watched people create jobs by making the right government choices correct? but that is few and far between. >> exactly right. it would be nice if there were half as much coverage of the candidates's positions on issues that would help the private sector create more jobs, half as much as there were pictures of the stake falling off of the platter at donald trump's press conference. those of the issues that matter and i think donald trump could speak to economic issues and i wish he would. and all the candidates because that is what people want to hear. the debates, this will be the last debate and this is marco rubio's last chance to close the deal and to really, in the republican approach, whether you get the winner-take-all in ohio and florida with 99, this is
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absolutely crucial, to get a reset and get to the second half of delegates election. the elitist approach, dave -- grey davis, a separatedelegates, we are in complete agreement, have more debates by fox business. liz: we like that, we do like that. go ahead. we lost him. that is the satellite cutting off. gray davis, george allen, thank you so much. fox business is all over election 2016 from the angle and matters to you, your money and jobs. tune in on supertuesday, coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern, all the breaking news and the winners are named, in florida 99 delegates, a high as 66 delegates, n.c. huge number, all the rest, coming right back, the dow is down 32 points.
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built for business. when it comes to the fithings you love,. you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. liz: 41 minutes before the closing bell rings. shopping its way to new all-time high, the top of the isn't the heat if we can check that out, united states steel up 12-1/3% the dollar general not bad, and that was an all-time high for
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the discount retailer here, up 10% after reported better than expected sales and earnings this morning, plans to open more stores this year. will we have to take a rain check for that much awaited meeting march 22nd bout of opec? that question has u.s. markets off to the dow jones industrials high but certainly below at this moment at 1 point we were down 179 points, we are lower by 28 points but it is oil put, it is red. traders at the stock exchange and the nymex, oil brought us down from being cut 179 points, what is getting get off of the floor? >> it is amazing the market is doing as well as it has given all negative data points we are throwing in earlier today. clear the we opened higher, had a very sharp reversal of of serious resistance levels, dow up 17,000, nasdaq $47.50, the
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rustle around 1100, the s&p 2,000, the euro reversing was a big part of that. right now we are looking very good with a chance of may be going green before the end of the day. liz: i can bring it to you because oil and the pact brought the market's down. we have been jumping, major indices, suddenly came down when it turns out a pact can't get its act together. they have a march 20th get together because robb doesn't want to join the party. >> the way i look at crude-oil, we have an upside, we are going down and going down hard. if you listen to what they are saying they're talking about a freeze in oil production. that doesn't get oil back up. that makes it going down further. they can't get to the point they can be without a freeze so what i am looking at is 38.5 to 40. don't think we get much above 40. we are close to highs right now. down with come and we would get
3:22 pm
just below 30. one more time. liz: let's not ignore what they live to the markets, jobless claims hit 5 month lows, that is a good sign and so once again that and ecb stimulus from european central bank so perhaps we might ask him predicts maybe get above the flat line, 38 minutes. >> certainly a nice rally in the dow jones, almost 150 points. most traders knew at some point you had to find a place t because of the information in the ecb, jobless claims, the real tricky part is finding where that was, a lot of traders thought was on the way down and tied to buy at lower and it is finally recovered so it wasn't easy trade but a lot of people knew we going to come close to moving to the upside and it looks like we will do that now. question is where. liz: will we punch into a teeny bit of green at the end of session?
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>> it is a heavy lift. i would focus on where the strength is in the market and that is some of the steel names, the metal and mining stocks, those have had a very strong move off of the february lows, even stronger than the averages which are up 9% or 10%. >> buy low so high. we will see if that pays off. good to see all of you, have a great day, we have the closing bell ringing 37 minutes away. we are pretty sure many of you have filled out job applications. what do they usually ask you, what is your weakness, what is your strength, where he worked before. have you ever been interviewed on a job interview where they asked you if you wanted to be a fighter? or would you rather apply for the suicide bomber job? that is what a treasure trove of leaked documents is now revealing about the islamic state's recruitment strategy? what else this cyberwar reveals and the catch from it and how the allies might be able to use
3:24 pm
it against the terror group. and 44,000, we hit it thank you, 44,000 twitter followers at liz claman. come and join the army at liz claman, you can like our facebook page and get all the links from our exclusive indeed, ms.claim countdown coming right back. the dow down 37 points. can we punch into the green?
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liz: kissimee, fla. bernie sanders is speaking with big legions of supporters here coming off of that win in michigan, giving the very similar message to what donald trump has given when it comes to trade. we will keep an eye on this and continue to follow bernie sanders as we do all of the campaign. a treasure trove. thousands of documents from the world's largest terror group had been leaked. the german government and a few
3:29 pm
news organizations including sky news have obtained a list of 22,000 foreigners suspected of fighting for isis but here's what the list includes, the names, the phone numbers, and dancers to extended detailed questionnaire that were filled out by prospect of recruits for isis. will these documents open an avenue as to how the u.s. can fight the islamic state? with me, cybersecurity vice president, jim neal. is this authentic? >> hard to know but we are talking about is a group of documents that came from a gentleman who used to be in the syrian army, moved to isis, says he sold room from the head of security and brought the mauna from drive. liz: let's talk about a fund drive, questionnaire, first and last name. this could be so important to in any allied trying to hurt isis and taken down including the united states. marital status, this is
3:30 pm
unbelievable, they want to know who recommended you to be part of isis, would you rather be a fighter or a suicide attacker, your level of obedience and what level of islamic faith, whether it is surely a or something of little different. what can the u.s. and germany used to fight back and prevent people from going over to fight this jihad? >> this is hugely helpful. the families they came from, which countries they traveled through, their blood type. we can trace back where they have been and what they have done, they're talking to, working with, it is such helpful information, if it is real, it is massively helpful. liz: can you trace things back, a fund drive? i am not so technically brilliant when it comes to is that. that is that question people would like to know the answer to. >> you can see where these files were created, how they were
3:31 pm
created. there is metadata about computer metadata and you trace it back, the kind of computer it was created on and when and how. liz: the window into isis at psychology could be opened further with this information. >> is very troubling. they have an entire brigade of martyrs, people who have committed have time to kill themselves in battle. liz: 800 germans have gone overseas to fight with isis. 800. you can stop that flow because they have passports and the ability to come back secretly and large paris style attacks. >> even worse, they come into the united states on a visa. now we have the list. of the list is really is good. if it is geo this will be future for us. liz: i have to ask about apple versus the fbi review as big cybersecurity organization run by general alexander, how will this play out? >> both sides are dug-in, you got to find a way to work
3:32 pm
together. at the end of the day we have to find a path forward that makes sense. you can't give up privacy but you can't give up security. liz: thank you so much. come back again. while we were talking look what happened with the dow jones industrials, punched into positive territory, a pretty neat trick. continuing this topic of conversation, four months ago the islamic state claimed responsibility for those horrifying terrorist attacks that claim 130 lives of innocent people. the american band eagles of debt metal was playing when terrorists opened fire on this crowd. kennedy sat down with front man jesse's use, who spoke passionately about why he is opposed to gun control. listen.
3:33 pm
>> you don't need guns but you need it defense. if that is a gun, people get caught up in the gun itself. i don't ever want to shoot anybody. i don't want to shoot anybody. i don't want to do that. but more than that, do not want to let the bad guys take my people. i don't want to go like a pound. liz: you can watch part 2 of the fascinating interview with jeff hughes from eagles of death metal tonight at 8:00 eastern. please watch that. we will be right back. the microsoft cloud allows us to
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liz: breaking news, senator mike lee of utah giving his endorsement to senator ted cruz and of the 12 gop indeed the.
3:38 pm
this is one that could make one of the four candidates virtually unstoppable and possibly spell doom for another and is on the heels of carly fiorina, the former candidate jumping on the ted cruz dream. five days at of the supertuesday 2.0 when there are 350 delegates up for grabs including winner-take-all contests in 4 and ohio it will be at very interesting debate. blake berman joining us, governors said please get back to business instead of insult. >> the question becomes does that happen tonight? we will see in a few hours with this could be the last chance for marco rubio and john kasich to make their final impression on voters in their state. for marco rubio is just mere miles from his west miami home where he got his start in
3:39 pm
politics as city commissioner almost 20 years ago. so far in florida a million votes have been cast and that the double before the polls open tuesday. marco rubio has serious ground to cover. take a look at this, he is down by 23 points to donald trump, despite that marco rubio is putting forward a confident demeanor. >> i am the only one who can beat donald trump in florida. if you like john kasich or ted cruz if you don't want donald trump to win florida i am the only one with a reasonable chance. >> after the debate john kasich will head to ohio and through the election. fox polls show he trusts him by five. john kasich picked up an unusual but beneficial endorsement today. urban meyer, the football coach throughout the buckeye state
3:40 pm
behind john kasich. liz: i covered earle bruce in columbus. woody hayes was the most enjoyable one. charlie i am told is coming down with a breaking news on donald trump and the real dollar value possibly of his brand. since the campaign began. he has been 20 years since canada came to dinner, president obama greeting can a's new prime minister in a historic meeting of sorts with the united states number one trading partner. this is the first state visit paired with a state dinner by a canadian prime minister to the u.s. since bill clinton was in office nearly 20 years ago. not surprisingly trade was a hot topic for the two leaders as president obama and trudeau plan to attend a state dinner tonight. kevin clark has details on what else they discussed.
3:41 pm
>> reporter: we are talking one of the most unique economic and diplomatic relationships in the entire world end because the economy is are so intertwined it would stand to reason on his first official visit to the u.s. then the newly minted canadian prime minister would talk about trade with president obama, not only trade but climate change and they exchanged pleasantries in a pond and circumstance welcome to the white house earlier today. the president also read the prime minister about the fact that the stanley cup is back on american soil thanks to the chicago black hawks. later in the oval office they talk a great deal about the bilateral relationship that is so important despite differences for example on natural resources just to name one of many. later in the rose garden, the conversation shifted to president obama, asked a great
3:42 pm
deal about donald trump and how if he were elected how that might impact the u.s./canadian relation. he said don't blame me for the rise of trump and said no matter who is elected in november the u.s. and canadian relationship will remain the strongest in the world. liz: what is on the menu? don't disappoint me. food on the state dinner menu. >> i have been to a state dinner. it is amazing, one thing caught my eye, colorado lamb. i am from colorado so colorado trout is fantastic, i am all on board. they will have colorado lamb tonight among the goodies and unfortunately for you and me we are not invited. liz: maybe next time. invitations not in the mail. thank you very much. out west in simi valley, calif. former first lady nancy reagan lies in repose in the ronald reagan presidential library.
3:43 pm
a there have been long lines of invited guests and members of the public who have been waiting their turn to a respect. a rotating honor guards standing watch as mourners walk around the casket perched on a pest so hand draped in velvet. the funeral for the former first lady will take place tomorrow. we will have complete coverage on fox business. we are coming right back.
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liz: 13 minutes before the closing bell. green on the screen, dow down 30 points, charlie gasparino brought you the story american express facing a possible sale and the ceo might be on thin ice. the company is holding an
3:48 pm
investor meeting, company ceo faces tough questions about the growth strategy, competition stiffening since he took over, the stock is the worst performer of the year. >> it has been there forever. stock is one of the worst performers. liz: a great performer over several years. charles: i.t. would say a last couple years not exactly great stuff. that is why you are getting people saying they should sell it. people inside the company -- so that is the situation. the election is the developing issue. liz: the past three days since he broke the story the stock is down 2% 43%. having an effect. liz: when you start going over the books. up about 1%. charles: they are saying here is the strategy.
3:49 pm
what they articulate, a strategy, stock goes down. liz: let's get to a story you came down after working the phone. real value of donald trump's net worth and brand. charles: went from first ran, all of these endorsements, people said his presidential run and all the crazy stuff he is saying, how he is comporting himself in a presidential election will hurt him, he lost macy's, there were a number of them but i did a story that it is around 50 to $100 million in marketing expenses and brenting. he blends out his name to various products. he lost amid all this. here is what i did. i spoke with experts last night, we are going to have a full report on this and essentially what is interesting is to the man and woman, people who know about this stuff, the a saying
3:50 pm
trump's brand since he stayed in the race and on the verge of becoming the republican nominee, is brand is quadrupled, off the charts. one guy told me, a branding expert said trump is the kim kardashian of politics. liz: that is a good thing if yo. charles: kim kardashian's net worth is the $5 million. she is just starting out. she made $52.5 million last year, 52, trump, forbes states trump's net worth at $4.5 million. i will tell you this. branding experts say based on what he has done, it is in the multiple billions of dollars. the interesting thing about donald, for years, people are skeptical about net worth, you can't measure the brent.
3:51 pm
the reason is is 10 and forbes is 4.5, puts too much weight on his brand, those are trump stakes. we talked about that yesterday. his brand has exploded right now according to branding experts. if he did it take off of the apprentice, hundreds of millions of dollars, the skeptics who said he is not worth billions, right now are wrong. is brand is putting in the billions according to every expert we spoke to end we have him on the record to talk about this. i think he is mad at me. liz: i wonder what. charles: did i say anything bad about donald? i love donald. people think i say bad things, finally, this is breaking news, my producer, riding a positive
3:52 pm
story. liz: everyone has to be so thin skinned. charles: i told this to donald, you are running for president. you got to take a couple lumps. marco rubio's people, marco hates me, ted cruz's people don't like me, jeb bush. liz: we love him. charles: wasn't crazy about me. john kasich. liz: can't pronounce his name. charles: chris christie. i am not focusing on donald. liz: thank you. don't focus on the. closing bell eight minutes away with oil choking the early rally, who will get the heck of, bulls or bears? coming that the man whose fund has a lot of punch against the s&p, intrepid capital's mark travis is here with his pick for a knockout portfolio next on countdown.
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liz: copy trading today for chipolte still recovering from effects of a norovirus outbreak. ashley has the late on the troubled company. >> liz, this stock was trading above $750 last summer. now here we are at 502. they are getting praise from the massachusetts health officials saying handled latest norovirus outbreak from employees very well. but do consumers care. they heard there is another norovirus outbreak this week. the stock has suffered down another close to 1% today. this stock has lost 20%. the sales have been hit in the last quarter. it was down some 25%. down 30% alone in december. it's a pr nightmare. the question is, can this stock recover? well certainly norovirus doesn't
3:57 pm
help at all, liz. the stock around 500 bucks. liz: i will take my chances. veggie burrito bowl. thank you very much, ashley. making money in these volatile times is a test of endurance for investors. look at today, we've been up, down, all around. if you look back 10 years the capital endurance fund has stood the test of time and came out ahead of the s&p 500. mark travis is the president of intrepid. the minute you things are getting better we pull back again. >> hello, liz. liz: how do you beat this, this volatility at this moment? because today is a perfect example, mark, how difficult things can be for an investor? >> liz, prices change a lot quicker than business value. for us at intrepid capital funds we're focused on business value. we're trying to find disconnect. liz: disconnect to what, mark?
3:58 pm
what does that mean? >> well, we careful estimate a business's private market value, the share price in the stock exchange fluctuates around that fair market value. with we can buy shares at a discount we do. so the volatility gives us opportunity to invest at a discount. we've been through a very benign period up until last sumwer the chinese currency valuation. that has changed in the last 12 months. you have the s&p down two. over the last year the russell is down 11%. and so things are becoming more interesting from my perspective. liz: that is because you do the homework and as we put up your three picks for now you feel are great bargains for now, one of them, american science and engineering has 7.7% dividend. i would promise viewers i mentioned what the name was. we teased that on twitter. looking at these names, they look good. all of them?
3:59 pm
>> well i think there has been some short-term problem enabled us to invest. we think, you know, reach a higher valuation than where they trade today. american science and engineering has been hurt by the defense department pullback in afghanistan and iraq. but they have technology to scan cargo and cars at a rapid rate. beautiful balance sheet. no debt. we think a bigger defense contractor would buy them. liz: when you look all that is going on, we marked the seventh anniversary of the start of the bull market. how much longer does this continue, mark? >> liz, i think we have a headwind from a valuation perspective. we use 21, two times earnings. we have normal is 16. you have valuation headwind and very long bull market from my
4:00 pm
perspective. liz: mark travis looking for ways to invest around volatility. intrepid funds. >> thank you. liz: this is bitter fight to the end of the trading session. a win for the bulls. volatile day on wall street. more than 300 point swing. [closing bell rings] 21st century fox ringing the closing bell at nasdaq to celebrate the third anniversary of the hit show, "sleepy hollow." david: 300 point swing for the dow. here is where we ended. >> i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." new at this hour, hillary clinton is about to take the stage at a rally in durham, north carolina, one of the five major states up for grabs we're talking about super tuesday .0. that is five short days from now. melissa: clinton and rival bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail today. fox news's ed henry is in tampa, florida, with the latest. ed.


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